The European Precious Metals Industry,
represented by the European Precious Metals
Federation (EPMF), unanimously supports the
principles of sustainability. EPMF member
companies have aligned their activities and
products so that they contribute to the welfare of
people today whilst minimizing impacts on future
generations. The industry is making every effort to
adopt environmentally, socially and financially
responsible business practices. The EPMF
commits itself to:

1. create sustainable and meaningful economic

Precious Metals have unique properties
that make them highly valuable for society.
They are indispensable materials that enable
innovation and technical progress, environmental
protection and energy saving, and thereby
enhance the quality of life. Precious metals are
highly recyclable which means that they can be
recovered when a product containing these
materials has reached the end of its useful life.
They are components which once having come to
light from underground can be re-used time and
time again.


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